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About DeRoy & Devereaux

RAC  Investment Advisors, the predecessor of DeRoy & Devereaux (D&D), was established in 1979 by Arthur DeRoy Rodecker to provide independent and dedicated investment management for the DeRoy Testamentary Foundation, a prominent Michigan charitable foundation originally chartered in 1946. In 1995, the Foundation placed a portion of its investments externally with Gregg Devereaux Watkins as portfolio manager. In 2002, Gregg Devereaux Watkins joined RAC Advisors, and the firm was rechristened as DeRoy & Devereaux. At that time, based on the capacities of the firm and its competitive track record, DeRoy & Devereaux opened to outside clients in addition to the Foundation.

SEC Registered Investment Advisor
DeRoy & Devereaux is a Michigan based value investment manager founded in 2002. We are 100% employee-owned, which we believe ensures that our interests are aligned with those of our clients.

Registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training.

Experienced Investment Professionals
D&D is staffed with seven portfolio managers who share a common value approach to investing. While small in size, our team is deep in experience with nearly 200 years combined investment experience at work for our clients. Finally, we believe our size and structure create fewer organizational barriers to distract us from providing a high level of service and delivering strong investment results for our clients.

Manager for a Diverse Client Base
D&D manages assets for a diverse client base of both institutional and high net worth investors. Clients served by the Company include institutional investors, foundations, pension plans, Taft Hartley Plans, as well as individuals and families. Portfolios are managed primarily for U.S. clients using equity, fixed income and balanced strategies utilizing appropriate security types.

Compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®)
D&D claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). D&D has been independently verified for the periods 12/31/2007 -12/31/2017.  The All Cap Equity Composite has been examined for the periods 12/31/2007 -12/31/2017.  The Smid Cap Value Equity Composite has been examined for the periods 12/31/2011 -12/31/2017.  The Tax Free Institutional Balanced Composite has been examined for the periods 12/31/07 -12/31/2017.  The  Total Return Bond composite has been examined for the periods 12/31/12-12/31/17.  Interested parties may obtain a compliant presentation, a list and description of the firm’s composites and/or the verification and performance examination reports by contacting Sarah Schattner at  D&D is an independent, SEC registered investment advisor, unaffiliated with any other organization.