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Investor Types

High Net Worth

Our services are designed for clients with investable assets of $2 million or more who desire personal portfolio management.

As private investment counselors, client objectives are determined individually through consultation and continual review rather than by classification. Investment selections and decisions are made and implemented by the client’s personal advisor, guided by the client’s specific requirements.

Private investment counsel is suitable primarily for individuals, trusts, family offices and other entities interested in optimizing opportunities for long-term investment success through a close professional partnership with their advisor.
D&D acts as a fiduciary for all of its clients. This means that our team will always act in a manner which puts our client’s best interests first. We have elected to adopt the CFA Institute’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct as our own guiding principles for ethical behavior.

DeRoy & Devereaux does not provide brokerage or custody services.


All Cap Equity Strategy

Investment Philosophy & Approach

DeRoy & Devereaux’s All Cap Equity strategy is an all capitalization core value approach.  We typically maintain focused portfolios (approximately 40 – 60 stocks) of higher-quality issues purchased at what we believe to be material discounts to their fundamental values.  D&D believes in a flexible approach to investing instead of rigid adherence to market benchmarks and style groupings. We typically own stocks across all capitalization ranges, focusing on those companies that offer the most fundamental value. Security selection decisions are based on fundamental research and risk/reward analysis. D&D will try to minimize turnover without forgoing opportunities the market presents.

The cornerstone of the investment approach is our emphasis on security selection based on fundamental research conducted by the firm’s principals. While mindful of macroeconomic trends and their potential impact on security prices, D&D has a largely bottom-up investment process.

A distinguishing feature of the Firm is that individuals with considerable investment experience conduct all security selection and portfolio management duties. With knowledge of individual companies built up over many years by each of D&D’s principals, we prefer to invest in companies that we know well as opposed to a defined universe.